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Welcome to Dock connector store

We are closing the business and selling out remaining stock while it lasts.  We have imposed a US$ 100 minimum order value to minimize the amount of work during this process.  We are sorry but we can't answer technical questions, do any soldering or offer any development anymore, as we only have people to process simple orders now (but some items are factory soldered or we have stock of soldered items).

Therefore, if you try to checkout with less than the minium, a US$ 100 small order fee will be charged, mainly to prevent small orders (but if you accept the steep small order fee, it is ok).

We try to remove items when it is almost finished, but if you order more than we have in stock, we will be in contact.

Note!  We might choose FedEx to ship the items to you, without additional cost for you.  If the address specified does NOT work with FedEx deliveries or if you absolutely don't want FedEx, please make a note about it.  Also include your phone number as FedEx requires it.

Really sorry for the inconvenience.  If anyone want to take over stock inventory, site or business you are welcome with suggestions.

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