Adding USB ports to Dreambox DM500HD

This document describes how to modify the DM500HD satellite receiver to add USB ports. You can get one external and one internal USB port. This modification is not supported by the satellite receiver manufacturer in any way and you are doing the modification on your own risk. This modification voids your warranty of the receiver.

You buy the USB board and cable at .  It is available ready built or as a DIY kit that you solder together yourself.

Remove the screw marked with red in the picture and the corresponding screw at the opposite side.


Remove the two screws on the rear, marked with red. Lift the lid carefully (there is one cord going to the lid so the lid can’t be removed completely but enough to put it at the side of the receiver. If you plan to add an external USB port you should remove the metallic parts that covers the three openings marked with blue in the picture above.

To fit the lid with the fan properly, you need to cut away part of the rubber around the USB cable as marked with red in the picture to the right. Be careful to not damage the cable. Attach the USB cable to the rear with the two screws included with the cable.


Remove the resistors marked with red to the right. Usually, only one resistor is fitted. If this is the case, you just remove that one. If you don’t have any soldering tool or don’t know how to desolder these small parts, you can usually use a sharp and small screwdriver and just break away the resistors. Make sure the removed resistors are taken out of the box and not floating around inside it.


Connect the USB cable to the USB board as show in the picture to the right. It is important to turn it the correct way, as shown in the photo and indicated by the colour references on the board.


The USB board is attached to the connector on the DM500HD mainboard marked out with red in the picture above. It is impossible to mount the USB board in more than one direction, so you don’t have to think about how to turn the USB board. However, you should be very careful to align the USB board correctly so all the the pins go into the connector on the USB board correctly, as it is possible to misalign the USB board so only some of the pins are connected.


After you have ensured the board is aligned correctly so the connectors mate each other perfectly you just push the USB board down. Arrange any spare cable so it won’t interfere with the fan in the lid. You can connect an internal USB device like a USB flash memory to the internal USB connector on the board.

Carefully put the lid back on the box and make sure nothing obstructs the fan. Fasten the lid with the four screws.

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12 Responses to Adding USB ports to Dreambox DM500HD

  1. Pedro says:

    Are you still selling this ?
    Do you send it to Portugal ?

  2. ghos.ghos says:

    My DM500HD came without resistance, so I have not had to make any changes.

    I tried with several images (newenigma2 4.0.x, DreamElite, etc, all with SSL # 84) and I appear in any USB devices, what can I do?.

    Thank you

  3. Robert says:

    Hi Ridax,
    I have a Chinese DM500HD clone and it has been factory-installed USB board. I use a usb dvb-t stick to the outer port and works OK When I put the USB memory stick into the internal port then the problems begin. Turn off the DVB-T stick and gets blocked the Dreambox. I think the problem is in the USB board. I read on the forum that there is enough power to propel both two USB ports. Do you have encountered such a problem and whether you think that with your USB board would not be such a problem. I would have ordered your USB board if he would be a solution to my problem.
    Please to answer me as soon as possible in order to solve this problem.
    Thank you in advance and best regards.

  4. Eugen says:

    Installed the USB mod on my DM500HD. Since it is a brandnew Dreambox, I opted for a modified SSL#84 bootloader. This solves the ‘FAULTA’ & ‘FAULTB’ signal that disables the USB controller. Works absolutely great! Mounted a 1 Gb USB stick (very low power) internally to accomodate the Plugins and Picons. Excellent piece of hardware. A proof how small things can be great..

    • Zorbakun says:

      Is your dreambox 500HD a genuine box. can you point me where to find this modified SSL#84 bootloader and how it works? Thanks.

  5. Eugen says:

    Installed the USB PCB and internal USB cable in 10 minutes flat! Very easy and looks very professional. Used FlashExpander to use a 1 Gb USB Stick as additional ‘var’ space. After booting OE 2.0 Experimental it automatically announced the existence of a new USB device..

  6. Eugen says:

    I have ordered this kit recently (has not been delivered yet). I am using OE 2.0 Experimental (latest update 09-11-2013). I have installed FlashExpander to accommodate the USB. Do I need extra drivers (like lsusb) to mount the USB devices?

    • ridax says:

      Usually no drivers are needed to enable the usb port, however depending on what usb device you connect, it might require a drive tonfunction (like usb tuners).

  7. scip says:

    Hello –
    is it possible to connect any external USB drive?
    any additional config to do on the dreambox after the installation (what is the path to the folders on the USB?)

  8. Brignae says:

    Hi Ridax
    I’m thinking about ordering one of these Kits. Do you think it would be possible to add an interal 5V poweradaper to the usb connection so i don’t have to plug in my HDs over an active HUB?
    Thanks Brignae

    • ridax says:

      Do you mean attaching a 5V power supply to the board instead of taking internal power? Yes it would be possible, but are you sure that your HDs can be powered over USB? Usually only 2.5″ HDs can be powered by USB.

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