10 pin mini USB pinout on GoPro

The 10 pin mini USB connector can be purchased at http://www.chargeconverter.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=160

or with a pre-soldered PCB at http://www.chargeconverter.com/store/usbpcb for easier soldering.

Here is how we number the pins in this document.

10 pin mini USB pinout

10 pin mini USB pinout

  1. +5V
  2. USB data-
  3. USB data+
  4. ID (pull low to GND through resistor to activate pin 6-10, 100k for AV out and 330k for mic in).
  5. GND
  6. Mic input?
  7. Mic input?
  8. Video GND
  9. Video out
  10. Audio out


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34 Responses to 10 pin mini USB pinout on GoPro

  1. Jacob says:

    Hi i was commenting to question if anyone knew where to find a Female 10 pin Mini Usb that would match the male usb above?

  2. songfei says:

    thank you very much.

    I had tried, It’s ok with my hero 4 black.

  3. adhd curmudgeon says:

    How goes it everyone?

    I’ve looked at many sites while researching this topic & have found that there are just as many different ideas about how this is meant to be done, which has left me with some questions…

    1. Have the connections mentioned above been tried & tested to the point that everyone’s sure they work & won’t hurt the camera?

    2. Is it possible to make a USB cable that has a mic in, audio out, video out & power in? I also read somewhere that when a pin (I can’t remember which one) is earthed to the chassis for a certain period of time (something like 2 seconds) then the camera can be switched off. Is that for the USB or the 30 Pin connector on the back?

    3. I have noticed that some people have used a 33k and others have used a 300k resistor for activating the mic ins. Which one’s correct & what difference would it make?


  4. Liam says:

    How is it all?

    I’ve been reading around on quite a few different sites and I’ve found just as many different ways to wire these leads, which had led me to ask the questions:
    Have these configurations been tested and been found safe for the camera?

    I really want to make an all purpose lead that can be used for mic in, video & audio out & power in. Is this one possible?

    If the camera needs the different levels of resistance to activate the different modes, what about having a switchable lead that has both resistors installed but has a switch to select which one’s in use to switch which mode it’s in?

    I’ve also noticed that some people are using 300k and others are using 33k resistors. Why?

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you all,

  5. dnstje says:

    for mic in, connect a 33k resistor at ID pin to ground.
    mic input will enable and is stereo.
    Pin 6 left channel
    Pin 7 Right channel.
    connect like :

    pin6 —- + mic – —–gnd (pin5)
    A condensor mic is requered. if using a line input source, add DC bypass caps, like 4.7uF.

  6. Eric Rood says:

    Lots of people want this, is it available yet?

    Werner Flicker says:
    December 17, 2012 at 11:08
    Do you have a composite cable with Video out and +5V in to charge the cam while recording?

    ridax says:
    December 17, 2012 at 11:11
    We are in the process of making one and hopefully it will be available end of this year or early next.

  7. Eugene says:

    I’m looking to build a cable with those 3 items (mini-USB from GoPro 3 split into 3 cables)

    1) video out (so I guess pin 8 & 9)
    2) charge 5V (so I guess pin 1 & 5)
    3) USB (so I guess pin 2 & 3 & 5)

    And from whatI read I would need also to have a 100 K ohm between pin 4 & 5 to have the video out activated

    Do you think it’s possible to have/built a such cable ?

  8. Rob Dirks says:

    Is it possible to split one 10 pin mini usb -> 3.5 mm (functional) and to usb to recharge at the same time?
    Than i can record good audio and connect a external battery.
    If it is possible, how?
    Kind Regards Rob

    • Dean Conde says:

      Hi there, did you come right with your query on 3.5mm audio out and powering the gopro from external source ?
      I am looking to do the same thing .

  9. Dirk Hermes says:

    I need for 5 cams (Hero 3 Black Edition) a cable with 10 pin usb to power the cam with external power and a jack for microphone. The length of the cable between the connectors should be 30 cm. Can you provide this?

  10. Tony Oldham says:

    the busport pin connections did they change when they up gradeed to the hd 3 and if so wheres the list of the pin numbers and what they are for thanks

  11. Johnno says:

    so to confirm:
    100K ohm resistor between ID and GND = Video & Audio out?
    300K ohm resistor between ID and GND = Audio in?

    1. Does anyone know if it is possible to enable both audio in and video out at the same time?
    2. When enabled, what is the expected audio level input (line or microphone level)?
    3. If it is expecting microphone level, does the GoPro provide a bias voltage for the external mic?
    Thank in advance

  12. Justin says:

    Is it possible with your 10 pin connector with PCB board to create a wire with microphone in and power? I would like to use an external mic with my gopro and would like the added ability to charge at the same time.


    • Dirk Hermes says:

      Hi Justin,
      i just produced a cable in the way, you are looking for. On one side, there is a standard USB plug to have the cam powered with 5 Volt, and the 2nd is a connector to insert a stereo-mic-plug. The wiring is done as following:
      Pin 1 = +5V
      Pin 4 = ID (pull low to GND through resistor 33k to activate pin 6-10).
      Pin 5 = GND
      Pin 6 = Mic input (left or right)
      Pin 7 = Mic input (right or left)
      Pin 8 = Mic GND

      When you insert this connector into the cam, the internal mic’s are off and the external are used.

      • gbt says:

        Hi Dirk,
        thank you for your advise!
        Could you publish more info on your cable?
        We really appreciate ;-)
        Thank You

  13. Andrew Wright says:

    I own a GoPro combo but it cuts off the LCD monitor when in use. I’d love to purchase a cable that allows for external power and 3.5mm mic jack for external audio. Is this something you can custom make? I’m hoping that since there video out pins would not be used, that the LCD monitor would continue to work.

  14. anton says:

    I too need mic in with these connectors, what resistor is needed.

  15. Tony YnotMotorSports says:

    ridex I need a cable that will work with Data i guess when gopro changed to the hd3 it moved some of the pin outs that was lable data i got one the works with the hd 2 but wont work with the hd 3 help me please

  16. Raymond says:

    I Ordered your ready made cable for the gopro 3 to immersion transmitter. My question is, do I have to take the battery out of the gopro since your wire is supplying power? Or do I use the battery in the gopro to power the unit? I think I would want to use the battery in the gopro to avoid pulling more power away from my FPV aircraft battery. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • ridax says:

      For Hero3 black, the battery must be installed as the external power is not enough to power the camera (but still useful to extend the runnning time). For silver and white you can select to either remove it or keep it installed.

      If you don’t want external power at all, you can just cut the power cable at both ends.

  17. David Voy says:

    Can you make a custom GoPro Hero3 USB to 3.5 Stereo Mic as well as allow power to be plugged in too?

  18. Hi, Do you do a cable to fit the Gopro 3, to give power on/ power off. composit video out, charging in
    We need to leave a gopro on time lapse for 72 hours, so want these control. to save battery life.

    • ridax says:

      With our USB connector with PCB you can easily make a video out cable combined with external power input to the camera. However, it does not support power on/off. Is that required, if it is externally powered? If you want, you could probably use the Power/Mode pin on the bus connector to power on/off in one button mode.

  19. Paul C says:

    Could you custom make some usb 10 pins to 3.5 jack for audio in? If so do you know if a resistor is needed to activate the gopro to accept the audio?

    • Tekno Catron says:

      Having the same question here. I have been running a couple of tests after soldering things and once running the ID trough a 100K ohm resistor, it only switches to audio and video out mode. also does it not accept any mic input after this. So what resistor value is needed to get the ID switch to Mic input on pin 6 and 7?

      • Emerica says:

        Any news on this? I need mic in with these connectors.

        • Tekno Catron says:

          After buying the cable a while ago and measuring the thing trough.

          The resistor needed to switch it to Mic Input Stereo is 300K ohm on the ID and Ground Pin.


      • Serioga says:

        the same with my adapter, av-out working but mic output not!

        • Tekno Catron says:

          After buying the cable a while ago and measuring the thing trough.

          The resistor needed to switch it to Mic Input Stereo is 300K ohm on the ID and Ground Pin.


  20. Werner Flicker says:

    Do you have a composite cable with Video out and +5V in to charge the GoPro Hero3 while recording?
    Happy Holidays!

  21. Werner Flicker says:

    Do you have a composite cable with Video out and +5V in to charge the cam while recording?
    Happy Holidays!

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