Request for a better charger for Sony Xperia Tablet Z





Sony Xperia Tablet Z pogo connection

I just got a Sony Xperia Tablet Z (TM) ordered a long time ago.  As you might know the unit is water tight, but that requires that the small covers over the ports are correctly seated.  To charge the unit you have to remove the micro USB cover and plug in the charger.  It is only to be expected that this cover will be worn out very quickly (and besides it is very inconvenient).

There is a dock that you can insert the tablet into to charge it without removing the micro USB cover, as the dock charge the tablet through 2 pogo pins (spring loaded pins).  However, if you have your tablet in a case it won’t fit the dock, and removing the tablet from the case is probably even more troublesome than removing the micro USB cover.

So I am a little bit surprised that there doesn’t seem to be any alternative charging solution available.  The pogo pins doesn’t seem to have anything that a connector could attach to either.

Anyone out there that has seen any solution to this?  I am thinking of building a wooden dock that would take the Xperia with the cover on and put two pogo pins in the dock to charge the tablet.  But if someone could come up with a cable solution that just attach to the pogo pins it would be the best.



I have now built my own charging station.  It cost me around $11.  I bought some pogo pins (spring loaded pins) at an eBay auction (it is for 10, but I only needed 2 really).  Then I bought an easel to support paintings on a table.  I drilled two small holes (around 1,5mm, used a nail to drill as I didn’t have a this thin drill).  Soldered two wires (plus and minus from an USB cable) to the bottom of the pogo pins, put some hot glue on the pogo pins and inserted them into the holes in the easel (plus to the left, GND to the right).

Now I just have to place the Xperia Tablet Z on the easel to charge it and can have the USB cover permanently closed.







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21 Responses to Request for a better charger for Sony Xperia Tablet Z

  1. kris says:

    Only original Sony cradle a bit expensive but best solution ,

  2. JONES says:

    Did anyone tried this cable as shown in the following link, costing $39.
    Let me know your experience.

    • Zoltan says:

      This is for Z2 tablet I guess. I’ve checked a Z tablet with a Z2 phone magnetic charger and found that the case is not magnetic around the pads.

  3. tadxter says:

    which pin is the positive and negative

  4. Stephan says:


    thank you for giving me the right impulse and with the pogo pins concrete idea to do it by myself.


  5. Steve says:

    Great page. The only problem I’d have with this is I like my tablet landscape, not portrait, so I need to consider an alternative option.

  6. Ken West says:

    Thank you for posting your design. I am interested in using your design to build a charging station for my Sony Xperia Z. Can you give more detail about which wire from the usb cable goes to which post on the tablet.

    thank you very much.

  7. birdz says:

    The original cradle from Sony has no pogo pin (string loaded pin) in the case.
    It uses a cheap leverage system that presses the normal pins to the tablet, by using the weight of the tablet.
    I could not find the pogo pins, so I had to buy the cradle, which was much to expensive for the quality.
    And you have to use this system, to spare the cover to keep the tablet water resistant.
    I am trying to diy this leverage system.

  8. Tom says:

    can I ask what size pogo pins you bought so I don’t screw this up and end up with 50 useless pins, also current rating and resistance since I’m unfamiliar with those and I live in the US

  9. Jason says:

    exactly what size and style pin did you use for the xperia dock?

  10. Benoit says:


    Sorry to wake an old discussion, I just bought my Xperia Z and face exactely the same issue about the micro usb charging. So exactely as Laurent, I would be very interesed to buy an modified usb cable from you.

    Do you think I would be possible?

  11. Alfred says:

    Right after I brought my new xperia tablet, I also wanted to make a charger for the side input, as you said, rather than open and close the USB cover, insert and pull out that might wear out or damage the socket every night and day.
    I meassured the matal case of the USB cable and the lower golden input on the side is ZERO OHM, so I am assuming it is ground and should be negative.
    However I was still afraid that if I feed the positive 5V on the upper golden hole might burn my new tablet. My experience is even I feed the right voltage and polarity to my SONY digital video camera, it will not start charging… long story.
    And I was so excited to find your site and I tried out right away with confidence from your experience, and it works with the original wall supply with a home make cable+pins. Again, thank you for posting your idea and it help me a lot.

  12. Zaim says:

    Hi, If I wanted you to make one of these for me how much would you charge in total (inc UK postage)


  13. Philippe says:

    You made my day !
    Unbelievable to design a cradle that cannot charge a unit in its (Sony) case.
    I wounder how/where you found the polarityof the pins?
    Gratefully yours

  14. Laurent says:

    Very Nice job!

    I was thinking about doing something similar by myself. But was unable to find the pogo pins and my soldering capabilities are very limited.
    So, can you help. I’d like to pay for material + work + shipping if you you can build one of these for me. No need for the easel, so that would be just the pogo pins soldered to the USB cable. Also, which pin goes on the right/left connector of the tablet would be important!

    • ridax says:

      Yes, sure I can solder a USB cable to two pogo pins and send to you. Plus is the pad closest to the on/off button and minus is the pad closest to the speaker. I will email you about the details.

  15. Sean says:

    Hi, I assume this same concept can be applied to qi pads? I was thinking of wiring it inside my case. I’d just need a method to keep them in place as I don’t want to solder to my tablet. The positive is the top one when viewing the tablet in landscape, correct? I might try that or build one like you did to solve my charging woes.

    • ridax says:

      Yes, you could use pogo pins to attach a qi pad receiver to the charging pins. The positive pole is the one closest to the volume buttons and the negative ground pad is the one closest to the speaker.

  16. Elliott says:

    Philip’s Fidelio AS851 dock doesn’t fit tablet z. I recently received my tablet and found the curved design of the docking station doesn’t accommodate the tablet. An older Philip’s AS141 dock might fit tablet z, as it doesn’t have the curved design. Both docks also have adjustable dock connectors to cater for the far left charging port on tablet z. The dock streams music on the tablet via bluetooth and 2 apps. Good luck!

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