Making a microphone input and/or power input cable for the GoPro

Do you want to connect your GoPro Hero3/4 to external audio input and/or +5V DC power input?  Our new 10 pin mini USB connector with integrated PCB makes this easy.


It has easy soldering pads for audio in 1 and 2 (do not use the pad G).  At the other side of the PCB there are soldering pads for ground and +5V DC power input (the rectangular pad along the short edge is GND and the more squarish PAD at the long edge is PWR).


We also have a similar connector but there the PCB is designed for audio and video output.  To make it easy to see the difference between these, we have made the mic input PCB red.



You can hear when the external mic is active as it is recording in the left channel only.


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3 Responses to Making a microphone input and/or power input cable for the GoPro

  1. Simon says:

    Where would you connect the mic cable ground?

  2. Doc says:

    I have this connector kit, and have made a cable for audio in and power. The audio works wonderfully, as expected, but when I connect the power to the USB, the camera stops recording and displays a USB icon on the little LCD and recording stops. The battery then begins charging. Its a Hero3. Any suggestions? Did I wire the cable incorrectly to the pins on the board? Or is there some configuration setting w/in the camera setup? Any help would be appreciated.

    • ILSTech says:

      Try pulling the battery. This works on the Hero 4 to provide power without charging. You’ll need at least 2.1 amps with a short cable and for a longer cable you’ll need at least 2.4 amps supply.

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