10-pin mini USB pinout on FLIR

The 10 pin mini USB connector can be purchased at http://www.chargeconverter.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=160

or with a pre-soldered PCB at http://www.chargeconverter.com/store/usbpcb for easier soldering with large pads for GND, Power and video out.

Here is how we number the pins in this document (note that the numbering here differs from the numbering used in the official FLIR documents).

10 pin mini USB pinout

10 pin mini USB pinout

  1. +5V
  2. USB data-
  3. USB data+
  4. not connected
  5. GND
  6. not connected
  7. not connected
  8. Video GND
  9. Video out
  10. not connected

FLIR is a registered trademark of FLIR Systems, Inc.


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