Using our mic adapter for the Garmin Virb USB port

We have made a mic input adapter/connector for the GoPro camera’s USB port.  With a small modification, this can be used for the Garmin Virb USB port for power input, audio out and audio/mic in.

You can buy the connector here.

The connector looks like this:

In the bottom picture you see a resistor mounted.  By mounting a 2,2k resistor there, the connector will be identified to the Garmin and the pads will be as shown in the picture above.

You don’t need to remove the existing resistor, but can just mount the 2,2k resistor over the existing one.  The mounted resistor is 330k, so if you mount a 2,2k resistor over it, it will result in a 2,185k which is less than 1% from the target value (and very few resistors have that precision anyhow).

If you prefer to use a standard hole mounted resistor instead of a tiny surface mounted resistor, you can easily mount a larger resistor between the GND pad and pin 4 at the connector.

I have not tested this myself, but according to the documentation, this should work.


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3 Responses to Using our mic adapter for the Garmin Virb USB port

  1. Josh says:

    Good evening I have the Garmin verb ultra 30 and I am interested in an external microphone.

  2. Gavin says:

    Hi There,
    I wonder if you can help.
    I have a Garmin VIRB black and an iGoMic Mini Shotgun, I’m having zero success in getting audio fro the mic into the camera, I have of course pushed the iGoMic past the click point in the VIRB usb port.
    I noticed a comment online that there may be some sort of swap over of wires, requiring the Garmin Mini jack – USB adapter to be used? Does this sound right?
    Shouldn’t the iGoMic male Mini Jack – USB cable do the job?
    Is your adapter designed to solve this problem of failure of signal passing the USB port?
    Many thanks in advance for any advice you have.

  3. Dave Folts says:

    I would like to know if you guys would like to make a USB A/V cable for the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 that mimics the form, fit and function of the common USB charge and video out cable for GoPros used on small UAVs both fixed wing & multi-copter.
    I have the pin-outs and even a circuit diagram, but I’m having trouble finding a PCB manufacturer that is able to source the mini USB 10 pin connector etc.

    Here is the URL to the documentation I’ve been sending around on this UAV A/V board:!AsvrcbSBBZYKkcBRtxVxHAu7xf-Qmg

    I’m using the VIRB Ultra 30 on a (Horizon Hobby) Opterra 2 meter UAV…and the results so far are outstanding…video stabilization and lens correction in the camera as well as G-metrix..BUT, no UAV-type aftermarket parts as yet. And the UAV A/V cable would be a great seller, I think.

    Please contact me if interested.

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