GoPro Hero HD bus interface

If you want to buy any dock connectors for the GoPro HD  bus you can order them online at .

There are different ways to number the pins in the connector, so here we first show how we number the pins in this document. Below is a picture of the female dock connector.

Female GoPro connector pin numbering

Female GoPro connector numbering

Then comes the male GoPro connector.  First the most simple ones.

Cradle GoPro connector pin numbering

Then a picture of the male connector from the the front.

Male GoPro connector pin numbering from front side

Then the pin numbering from the soldering side.

Male GoPro connector pin numbering from soldering side

List of pin function


  1. GND
  2. R video out – component Pb/Cb or composite (composite video out activated by grounding ID3 and ID4, component video out activate by grounding ID2 – only valid for old firmwares, current versions require eeprom).
  3. G video out – component Y
  4. B video out – component Pr/Cr
  5. USB +5V power
  6. as above
  7. USB Data+
  8. USB Data-
  9. GND
  10. Audio out Right
  11. Audio out Left
  12. Pwr/Mode button (tie to ground to activate)
  13. Playback mode button (tie to ground to activate)
  14. Audio in Right
  15. Audio in Left
  16. IR input
  17. Trig digital output
  18. GND (?)
  19. ID1 digital input
  20. ID2 digital input
  21. ID3 digital input
  22. ID4 digital input
  23. Adapter output – power output for external equipment (follows internal battery power).
  24. as above, but only powered when camera is on
  25. VBat+ external power input ?
  26. as above
  27. GND
  28. DATA interface I2C
  29. CLK interface I2C
  30. GND

This information was compiled with permission from forum threads at GoPro User forum and RC-cam forum. More details and pictures can be found there.

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45 Responses to GoPro Hero HD bus interface

  1. Manuel says:

    tengo una Hero 3 que pines debo usar para iniciar grabacion y apagar y encender por favor su ayuda

  2. Arkadiy says:

    Would this work on Hero6?

  3. Mark says:

    GoPro Hero HD bus interface
    Has anyone managed to connect to the USB data port of the 30pin connector (on a GoPro4)? If so how? Thanks

    • Mark says:

      With a little more ‘discovery’ I think I have answered my own question.

      I do not believe that the USB Data on the 30 pin HD Bus is ever available on the Hero 4.

      Reasoning for my findings is that if you connect the GoPro extended battery pack on the Hero 4 and connect to its USB connector then although you can charge the battery(s) you cannot create a USB data connection.

  4. Alex says:

    Hi there,
    I’m building an underwater system with a dome, I would like to be able to connect in a different case a backpack and a lcd monitor.
    I already bought everything I need.I gonna have one cable come from a GoPro’s case goes to the second case with battery and lcd with 2 female connectors.
    Can you please tell me which pin use for the battery and which for the lcd?
    Thanks a lot in advance

  5. John Cook says:

    Hello, I have a failed power switch (front switch) on my Hero 2. Can someone please tell me where I can source this part. I am a tech and can replace the part I just need the correct one to solder onto the motherboard.

    Thanks very much,

  6. CoryM says:

    Has anyone tried simulating the USB port by using pins 6 through 9 on the bus connector? I’m planning on mounting my GoPro in a location semi-permanently which will not allow access to the USB port. I was hoping to rig up a connector to connect from the bus connector to a computer (by splicing to a USB cable on the other end).

    I tried this, and I am getting USB to the camera without a problem, nothing seems to be happening on the data side. Anyone have an idea?

  7. Amit says:

    How can one use this connector with Hero 4 Black. Where can I get the description of pins of Hero 4 Black. I just want to send a signal to turn the camera on and off using this connector. Any help will be appreciated.

    • ridax says:

      It i the same connector as for the Hero2/3. Some functions differ between models and even between different versions of the firmware in the camera. I am not sure about the exact function you are looking for.

      • Amit says:

        If I want to turn the GoPro on/off using 30 pins , how can I do that? Which pins can I use in order to on/off GoPro?

        • Dave Marshall says:

          Ground pin 12 for one second to power on
          ground for 2 seconds for power off

          • Maxim says:

            I have GoPRO 4 Blsck. I’ve tried to ground pin 12 for several seconds but nothing happend. I even turned the camera on and tried to ground pin 12 and pin 13 – again nothing.
            Probably there’s smth else that I should do?
            I took male GoPRO connector, attached it to the camera and tried to connect nessesary pins directly (so there ehouldn’t be any problems because of wrong soldering)

          • HP says:

            Does that mean that the pin12 is an active low pin?

  8. sami says:


    I have problem with power button.

    When i tie pin 12 to gnd my gopro starts, but when i again try to tie it down nothing happens?

    And when tie pin 13 to gnd nothing happens when gopro is on?

    I have gopro hero 3 black version 3.00.



  9. Miroslav Malev says:

    Hello, if any of you attempted to inserted audio through this connector, and what a resistor is needed to activate the external microphone and to which pins must be for contact? I need urgent help!

    • Taunt says:

      I am wondering as well.
      I am ordering one to attempt at making it charge and have audio through the one cable (for helmet cams)

      Going to try doing it with a ribbon wire as well so it can still be waterproof

  10. Hi all. I need help. I want send command to get photos throw expansion port of gopro. I don’t know about expansion port of gopro. Please help me!Thanks.

  11. Ruud Voest says:

    Hi there, can someone tell me please how to use the dock for camera triggering ( e.g. using the Pocketwizard) ? Wich pins should be used ? Can someone please help me out with a wiring setup to a 3,5 radiojack?

    • Joshua Allan says:

      Do you want audio out or audio in? Either way, it’s pretty straightforward. If you cut an existing 3.5mm cable, you’ll have to figure out which wire is right vs. left (FYI, tip is left, ring is right & base or shell is GND). If you buy a solder jack, then there should be a diagram on the packaging.
      tip=left=black or white
      base=GND=shield or black
      Sometimes red and white swap. I recommend using a cable with shield braid rather than three discrete wires. Then follow the list above to connect R, L & GND on the GoPro to R, L & GND on the audio jack.

  12. MORGALLET says:

    I use a UAV DJI phantom with a controller Naza V2 (plus Ios) and a gimball H3 2D which carries a Hero 3 black edition.
    When I’m in timelapse mode (one pic each one or two seconds) with the Gopro (inflight) I would like to collect the GPS coordinates corresponding to each taken photo within the exif. Then it is possible for me to geotag the pictures and build georeferenced orthophotos.
    Is it possible to solve this question ?

    • Eirik says:

      If you open up the gopro camera and locate the LED trace then you can hook that up to an Arduino with an sdcard and a gps module, so that everytime the led flashes(everytime the gopro takes a photo) the arduino stores the values from the gps to the sd card

  13. Anders Kvist says:


    I’ve been using all afternoon and half the night on the PCBs that have just arrived, and I have two questions….

    1) is it not possible to trigger the camera? As far as I can see, the only way to capture images is to have camera on one button mode, is that correct?

    2) made a quick attempt to connect via USB over the PCB, but the device didn’t show up and the camera just started as cable wasn’t attaches (did charge tough)… Am I missing something for this to work?


  14. Markus says:

    Thanks for this post. I just ordered some of them and can’t wait to get my hands on them to build something with an arduino.

  15. Arno Scholtz says:

    Where can I find the bus male connector? I would like to create a little something of my own. I’m guessing their not standard?

  16. Hi.
    Some questions:
    As I understood, 7 and 8 are for charging the camera, which pins make an output current, I mean, to get electricity out of the gopro…
    How do I get live video out? what I need to do with the pins step by step. ( I am newbie in here)
    I have a hero2 and a hero3 black.

    • Jan says:

      Pin 7 and Pin 8 is for the USB Communication.
      For Charging the Camera you need Pin 5 +5V and GND

    • Joshua Allan says:

      Pin 23 provides battery voltage out (nominal 3.7V)
      Pins 2, 3 & 4 provide video out but it depends on what type of video you want (RGB, composite or component) – the list above is pretty clear on which pins do what and how to activate by ground ID pins.

  17. Anto says:

    I got brick GOPRO HERO2 is stuck in the download mode of the firmware after attemp to make the new V198 download, problem is the camera cant be back to load firmware for begining and only wat to turn it off is by batery removal.
    im in V198 blinking mode what ever I had tried, remove the .bin file, put back the the .bin file in the SD card, the shutter and power buton sequence to make the firmware download start, to concet to laptop (imposible not recognized or goes to USB mode) no SD the cam do same, new SD card nothing, no battery plugged to PC nothing, connect to wall charger with no batery nothing…
    Anyone can help¿??

  18. Fabian says:

    Which voltage level is the interface using?

  19. Charlie says:

    Quik Pod is a monopod made to be used with Go Pro and lets the user take his or her own photo. Check it out on

  20. sergio says:

    FYI, the PIN 18 is no longer a GND signal on the HERO 2
    I’m trying to feed external audio signal on this connector ( PIN 14 and 15, and gound the ID4 signal ( pin 22)) and it doesn’t work.)
    Any idea?
    Best regards

  21. technojerry says:

    I have used this camera a couple of times since receiving it for Christmas. I have used both the strap mount for my vented bicycle helmet as well as the permanent stick on mount for my dual sport motorcycle helmet. In both cases, the mounts work as well as the camera. I still have the previous generation GoPro HERO in standard definition, but not in the wide field of view lens configuration like the current HD version. I like the wide field of view of this HD model. It is great at giving a very good view of both the trail as will as your handlebar movements while riding both my mountain bike or motorcycle. The quality of the video is fantastic. The files do get large, but that is to be expected with the high resolution of this camera. I have been using a 16GB SDHC card and have filed up about half of it on one battery charge. I would recommend a high speed card reader to improve the download times from the card. A 12 min video was nearly a gigabyte. The battery last I think longer than the previous standard definition camera which ran on AAA batteries. I think that I will buy an additional battery someday for long rides with lots of action.

    The only reason I have not given it a full 5 stars is the difficulty in reading the small status screen with all the various modes it has. The same issue I have with the standard definition HERO. The icons that tell you if you are in burst, still, timed, or video mode are very small across the top of the display. The numbers to tell you the number of pictures or videos taken are much larger. It is just difficult if you have the camera mounted on top of your helmet and you try and look in the mirror on your bike to see if the camera is on and what mode it is. You have to use the select button on the front to both turn the camera on and select the right mode. The shutter button is on top and is easy to operator even with gloves. It is not difficult to read the display if you are holding the camera in front of you, but much more difficult when mounted on top of your helmet. You can unclip the camera from the mount, but that can be difficult when it is on top of your helmet.

    I am looking forward to the expansion port options being available, like the LCD screen to view the videos in the field. I am also thinking of investing in the chest strap mount so I can get different view over the handle bars as will as making it easier to see the small status display. Other than the small icons telling you which mode, this is a very nice camera that takes very high quality action videos. It is very small and light and easy to use when you have it in the right mode. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone wanting action videos of their bicycling, motorcycle, or skiing activities.

  22. Paul Claxton says:

    I bought this HD camera to replace a VholdR Wearable Camcorder (Black) which didn’t survive getting run over by my SUV. The Hero is a well constructed camera, very solid feeling with quality construction.

    Pros: The camera has four modes – video (in several resolutions), still pictures, self-timer still pictures, and interval photos (pictures every few seconds). The lens gives a tremendously wide wild view which is nice for HD’s 9:16. It will shoot 1080p, 960p 720p (at 30 and 60 frames per second), and 480 (at 60 frames per second) line resolutions. It uses standard SDHC memory cards and has an internal battery which recharges via a USB cable. The recorded audio is very good both inside and outside of the motor sports waterproof case that came with my kit. Video is relatively good, not as vivid as a dedicated camcorder but the resolution is good. My kit came with a variety of mounts and a suction cup mount for windows and car body use. The waterproof case comes with two backs, one that is watertight and one that is not for better audio when waterproof use isn’t required. The kit comes with connectors for connecting the camera up to an HDTV monitor (component video) or a TV monitor (composite video). A neat feature in the menu is that you can flip both the video and still photos so you can shoot with the camera upside down without a problem.

    Cons: The quick release mounts have a bit of wiggle to them. The back of the waterproof case can be difficult to lock closed. The menu system is a bit troublesome to use as there are only two buttons and three LCD characters to use. Once set you’ll not have to go into the menu very often.

    Future: There’s a connector on the rear that GoPro plans on using for an external battery or a monitor. Neither are available at the time of this review but they are being worked on.

    In use on the trail the mounts worked very well. I used the suction cup primarily to mount the camera to my windshield, bumper, side body panel, and side window. Across rugged rocky trails the camera held firm and the video came out very well. The simple interface was easy enough to use. One button to turn the camera on and select the mode and another to stop and start the recording.

  23. Salvatore Parascandolo says:

    Count me in as a definite buyer of a longer GoPro sync cable, or cable extender that can connect and sync two GoPros at least two feet apart, and 3 feet would be even better. I would pay $100 US for it, rather than hacking one together myself.

  24. Neil says:

    Gday from New Zealand. Any chance you will be making just a simple extension for gopro bus? I simply want to extend the 3d sync cable, so just need male-female straight through extender. I have tried ipod one and it doesn;t work

  25. Roberto says:


    i would like to build a wired remote controller, using the POWER button, is there a way to get the LED signal also? just to check the status of the camera!!



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