Ridax is a company that can help you design and manufacture accessories for the iPod/iPhone. We also sell iPod connectors both in small quantities for hobbyists and in volume for manufacturing. Our online shop is at http://www.chargeconverter.com/

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  1. Peter Kuypers says:

    I would like to receive info about the possibility for a Mini USB cable with 3.5mm jack input and charger input.

    we are going to use 2 GoPro here 3 camera’s in a Dakar Rally truck and want to charge the camera and connect the intercom to the camera (mic in). the combo cable from gopro is not really an option. Beste would be the mini USB 10 pin for GoPro split into a 3.5 mm jack and a USB A connection for charging through a 5v cigarette lighter.

    all help is welcome and if you can make such I would appreciate

    thank you in advance.

  2. anton says:

    Hi need your help with the adapter 10 pin mini USB pinout on GoPro what resistor is needed for work microphone.

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